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Xinyi Xu

Xinyi Xu

International Student

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Xinyi is a first-year accounting and finance student at The University of South Australia. She is interested in all things related to business, earning a GPA of 7/7 for her first semester in Uni under the challenge of COVID-19. Apart from studying, Xinyi is also actively engaged in a range of extracurricular activities. She is especially passionate about supporting the international student community. She has shared how she has successfully managed studying and networking under the “new normal” with fellow students through online workshops and offline Q&A sessions via social media. Her story was also reported by Insider Guides and StudyAdelaide. Now, Xinyi volunteers with the Australia China Youth Association (ACYA) as a Partnership Officer and class manager plus a tutor in Chinese language. Xinyi is looking forward to coming to Adelaide to meet her friends and contribute more to the beloved community. She believes she could explore more possibilities in Adelaide.